Sensr Netcam Android App Configuration and Use

  • June 1, 2011
  • Tom Sheffler

Update: The Sensr Netcam is no longer available.

Sensr Netcam is a simple App that turns your Android device into a wireless surveillance camera.  With it you can use an Android phone as a portable “Nanny-cam” or “Pet-cam” or to monitor your hotel room while you’re traveling.  Android devices are dropping in price, and we should see $100 Android tablets incorporating cameras in the very near future.  Sensr Netcam takes advantage of the economies of scale of the Android hardware market to provide you with a high-quality network camera incorporating the rock-solid WiFi implementation already used in millions of Android devices.

Sensr Netcam continuously sends JPEG images from your Android device to at rates of up to one frame per second. Once on, your images are processed, cataloged and stored where they can be viewed or shared with friends.

Read More on your Touch Device: iPhone, iPad, Android

  • February 16, 2011
  • Tom Sheffler

This week, Sensr released a Touch interface for iPhone, iPad and Android. Now you can Watch Your Stuff on your mobile device over 3G or WiFi no matter where you are.  Sensr Touch allows you to browse cameras, and to view the images from a camera by hour, day or month.

This article will show you how to install the icon for Sensr Touch on your iPhone or Android. That way you can launch Sensr Touch directly from your home screen. We will also give you a little overview of some of the Sensr Touch App functionality to get you started.

Some background information first: the Sensr Touch App is HTML5 and Javascript. It is optimized for WebKit browsers and uses Touch gestures available on mobile devices. Basically you just go to our website on your mobile device and we automatically serve the mobile version of

No software installation is required.

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