Suitable Tech Wants You to Beam Yourself Anywhere

  • January 8, 2013
  • Robert Whitefield
[Tweet ]1 Suitable Tech are at CES in Las Vegas showing off their awesome Star Trek creation, more formally described as Beam Remote Presence Device (RPD). The sweet, drivable robot was created to provide a “physical presence, anywhere in the world,” traveling around the office at average human height and move at a max speed of 3mph. Suitable Tech’s RPD allows remote employees to connect and communicate as if they were really in the office — pretty sweet! Read More

Cloud Cameras & Personal Social Networks: Infrics Interview Part 2

  • June 14, 2012
  • Robert Whitefield
Part two of the Infrics interview with‘s Tom Sheffler has been posted, The Lure of Moving Image, Cloud Cameras, & Personal Social Networks. In this talk, Tom and Donald Ham discuss everything from one of our favorite companies, Mission: Cats, to network camera owners who have solved crimes using Some highlights: TS: It’s [Machines that sense their environment and send out information about that environment] very primitive right now. Read More Featured on

  • June 4, 2012
  • Robert Whitefield from left, co-founder Yacin Bahi, web designer Chris Whitefield, co-founder Tom Sheffler’s chief scientist & co-founder, Tom Sheffler, was interviewed by’s Don Ham — their conversation can be read in a great article, On the cloud, of the cloud, and all stateless: delivers cat-cams, community, but not complexity. It’s the first of a two part series detailing’s cloud service architecture, and the technology that makes a “stateless enterprise” possible. Read More