How to configure a Wansview Full HD Waterproof Camera NCM751GA

Wansview Plugged In

Wansview NCM751GA

The Wansview NCM751GA is an outdoor HD camera licensed by Wansview and manufactured by Shenzhen Smarteye Digital Electronics. It’s listed on Amazon for about $75. One of the biggest problems with this camera is that it’ll only send images through FTP when either motion is detected or one of the sensors is tripped. This means that when you configure it with, it will only upload images when the aforementioned conditions are met. Turning off Sensr’s motion detection when using this camera is recommended .


This article will help you set up your Wansview NCM751GA camera so you can watch your stuff while you’re away. I’ll also show you how to set up the camera to send images to the website, so you can take advantage of all the features of our service, such as storage, sharing, and alerts.

  • Step 1: Setting up your camera with Wansview’s iSmartViewPro app
  • Step 2: Configuring your camera to work with
  • Step 3: Connecting your camera to

Step 1: iSmartViewPro Setup

Before we can use this camera with, we have to configure it through Wansview’s own application, iSmartViewPro. While you can use the iSmartViewPro app on its own, it’s clunky, not very secure, and incompatible with third party cameras. Using is recommended.

Wansview Plugged In

NCM751GA plugged into a power strip

Before you start, you’ll want to plug your camera into an outlet. The red light on the power brick tells you that power is going to the camera. This part is not optional. If you manage to get your camera set up without this step, you should probably start calling potential investors. Or a priest.

Wansview Plugged In

iSmartViewPro app on the iOS Appstore

Then, use your phone to download the free iSmartViewPro app. Search it on the Appstore, or scan the QR code on the box your camera came in. If you’re not using an iPhone, the app is available for Android on Google Play as well.

Wansview Plugged In

Main page on the iSmartViewPro app

Once the app is finished installing, go ahead and open it. You should see a menu that looks like this. Make sure your camera is in arm’s reach and press the Add Camera button.

Wansview Plugged In

Add Camera page

You’ll be brought to this screen. Tap the “Add cameras via WiFi configuration guide” button

Wansview Plugged In Wansview Plugged In

Wifi configuration guide (Left), QR code sticker on the NCM751GA (Right)

The app will then ask you to scan the camera’s QR code. On the bottom of your camera, there’s a sticker with this QR code. Make sure you have your phone ready before pressing the blue button. This will open your phone’s camera; use it to focus on the QR code and the app will automatically scan it.

Wansview Plugged In

Camera name and login screen

Next, name your camera and login with the default Username and Password. The default username is “admin” and the default password is “123456”. For security, you should change these after you’re done setting up your camera.

Wansview Plugged In

WiFi sign in screen

Enter your wifi name and password and press next. Ensure you don’t have any headphones or bluetooth devices connected to your phone.

Wansview Plugged In

Calibration Screen

Make sure your phone is close to your camera and the volume is on. The app will play a sound. Wait until you’re brought back to the main screen of the app.

Wansview Plugged In

Main page on the iSmartViewPro app

Your camera is now set up with the iSmartviewPro app! If you don’t want to connect this camera to Sensr, then at this point you’re finished.

Step 2: Configuring your camera to work with

Wansview Plugged In Wansview Plugged In

Edit Camera screen (Left), Advanced Settings screen(Right)

From the home screen, tap the little arrow left of the camera you just set up. You’ll be brought to a screen similar to the one above (left). You can change the username/password from here. Press the Advanced Settings button, and you should see a screen that looks like the image above (right).

Wansview Plugged In

Alarm Settings

Go into Alarm Settings and ensure that Motion Detect is armed and that Save Picture on the FTP is enabled.

Step 3: Connecting your camera to

Add new camera page

Click the big green button!

On a computer, log into your account and click the add camera button.

FTP credentials

Sensr FTP credentials menu

You’ll be given a server name, username, and password. These are your FTP credentials.

Wansview Plugged In

FTP Settings menus in the iSmartViewPro app

On your phone, navigate to Advanced Settings in the iSmartviewpro app, then tap FTP Setting. Copy your FTP credentials into the app, then hit done. Once you’ve done that, your camera should be connected with! Remember that this model only uploads images when motion detection is tripped, so if you see that the camera isn’t uploading images to, wave your hand in front of the lens a couple of times.