Ouvis ZV1 Camera Not Ready for Prime Time

Useless Ouvis ZV1

The Ouvis ZV1 camera is not ready for prime time. The only thing it’s good for is viewing the camera on your local network. You can’t view it remotely (no P2P viewing) and the FTP uploads don’t work so you can’t use it with Sensr.net.

The only thing good about this camera is that it’s pretty easy to setup. If you have the app, you can get the camera going pretty easily. You do need to plug it into an ethernet jack on the same network as your phone’s wifi, but once you do that, the Ouvis app can find the camera and configure it.

Useless FTP Config

Unlike other cameras like the Tenvis or the Foscam, there is no P2P functionality. This means you can’t watch the camera remotely unless you do some port forwarding magic. Here at Sensr.net we don’t like to do port forwarding, we prefer to have our cameras push rather than have to opening holes in a firewall.

Unfortunately the Ouvis ZV1 FTP doesn’t work. You can configure it but you can’t test it or use it. I have no idea what the FTP configuration does, maybe it sends the info back to China where they keep it for future use. Who knows. What they don’t do is allow you to upload images or videos to your own FTP server.

Country selection Foscam Wireless Security Camera 1920TVL Country selection Foscam Wireless Security Camera 1920TVL

Doesn’t work with Sensr.net

To use Sensr.net you need to be able to FTP Jpeg images. Thus the Ouvis is useless when it comes to using Sensr.net or even viewing the camera remotely.

Give Tenvis a Try

Intead of the Ouvis I would recommend trying the Tenvis. The setup is easy, it supports P2P viewing, and it works with Sensr.net.