An Alternative to Nest Cam

Nest Cam Indoor HD Camera

No doubt about it, Nest Cam is easy to setup and use. But there are a number of drawbacks to using Nest Cam that might entice you to try an alternative like Here are some reasons that you might want to try an alternative to Nest Cam.

  • Can’t use your own camera
  • Can’t mix and match camera models
  • The service is expensive
  • No APIs for accessing your footage
  • Locked in to one vendor
  • Limited video clips

If you’re interested in using as an alternative to using Nest Cam, give us a try. We have a free trial of course. Any you can use almost any camera with our service.

Now let’s go into the details of why you might want an alternative to Nest Cam.

Flexible camera choice

For a long time with Nest Cam you had only one choice, an indoor camera. Now Nest Cam comes in two flavors, indoor and outdoor. But what if you don’t like these solutions? Besides being expensive, the form factor just might not fit your needs. What if you want a dome camera? Or a camera that you can pan, tilt, and zoom? PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras are very common but Nest doesn’t have one. What if you want a telephoto lens or a spy camera? Sorry, but with Nest Cam you’re out of luck.

You can get HD security cameras on Amazon for under $40. Nest Cam starts at $199. If you’re technically savvy and don’t mind doing a little work in setting up the camera, you can use a service like for your Cloud DVR with your $40 camera and save a lot of money.

With you can even use cameras from different manufacturers. You don’t need to be stuck to one brand.

With you can use almost any camera!

Limited Video Clips

With Nest Cam you’re limited to 3 hours of clips. On we don’t limit the number of clips you make. We store them on our servers as long as you have a valid account. We also email you a link to download the clip every time you make one. You’ll have your own copy and can do anything you want with it. Give it to the police, stick it in your Dropbox folder for future reference, etc.

Flexible and Programmatic access

With you can use our APIs to write code to access your camera data that is stored in the cloud. Don’t like how we generate clips? Write your own code to do a better job. Sure, this is not a feature that most users will want, but we think it’s kind of cool.

Limited storage

Nest Cam will give you 10 days of storage for $10. For the same price with you get a month of storage. We also give you unlimited storage of favorites images and clips. Check out our pricing for more details. We have annual plans that save you even more.


With you can use almost any camera!

If you like the idea of using a Cloud DVR for your security cameras, but don’t want to be locked in to one camera brand, make sure you explore other alternatives and give a try.

The Best Nest Cam Alternative Yet written by: Vation The Best Nest Cam Alternative Yet

Are you tired of your nest cam? Are you exhausted from paying so much money only to have about 3 hours of clipping, does 10 days for 10 dollars seem a bit pricey to you? Well, we got you!

At sensr, we seek to provide you with cloud dvr storage of your choice, for a price you won’t help but want to pay and guess what? It’s all up to your personal preference.

Who Are We?

We are a wifi security camera and cloud dvr storage company that seek to provide security camera users with a cheaper and more interesting alternative to nest cam.

Why Us?

Side by side comparison:

Nest cam Sensr

· One vendor As many as you prefer

· Single camera Multiple cameras

· Expensive Affordable

· Limited clip time Limitless clip time

· Limited storage Limitless cloud dvr storage

Full review:

  1. Your camera, your choice

For a long time, most users who needed surveillance were stuck with the option of the camera provided by the company. This sometimes meant that they had to pay for expensive cameras which may not have provided them with the kind of clarity or footage quality they wanted.

At sensr, we give our clients the flexibility of choosing the Ip camera they want. This is based on the fact that there are some amazing Ip cameras online that do not necessarily cost a fortune.

Our clients can also mix camera from different manufacturers however they please. We seek to ensure that the client’s happiness is what comes first.

  1. As many clips as you want, as long as you want

While the older providers limited the number of video clips to a maximum of 3hours, we allow you as our user to create as many clips as you want without the constraint of having to worry about what is important and what is not.

  1. Storage, storage, storage!

In a world existing in cloud storage, we provide the best there is in cloud dvr. Our servers can hold as much data as you want them to at a price that is affordable. Check our pricing here (). These service is available to you as long as you have a valid email account.

The great news is that the longer the plan you choose, the greater the save.

  1. Access your clippings at the touch of a button

With nest came and the other alternatives, you only found as much of your clippings as they could provide. With sensr, however, all the data is available to you using our APIs. These allow you to code for access to our cloud storage. There is also the option of generating your own codes however way you please.

  1. Affordable for all

There are a variety of plans available that are great for first time beginners, indoor and outdoor lighting and all scenarios which may not have been addressed with the older security cameras.

  1. Free trials

The great news is that we offer free trials to all who are interested. If you like what you see, and we are sure you will, you can sign up for your own account and regain the control of your Wi-Fi security cameras.

Wrap up

At sensr, we seek to be the best nest cam alternative available that is both user friendly and flexible in the modern world.

Try us today for free!