An Alternative to Blink Security Cam

Blink Indoor HD Camera

While Blink may be easy to setup and use, there are a number of drawbacks to using Blink’s service that might tempt you to try an alternative like Here are some reasons that you might want to try instead of Blink.

  • Cheaper Cameras
  • Not exclusively battery power
  • More cloud storage
  • More than 2 types of cameras available
  • APIs for accessing your footage

If you’re interested in using as an alternative to using Blink, give us a try. We have a free trial of course.

Device Cost

The cheapest bundle that Blink offers is their indoor package, which starts at $99. If you opt for their weatherproof package instead, you’ll have to pay $129.’s cloud service is compatible with nearly all IP cameras, some of which come as cheap as $25.

Power Options

Blink Batteries

Blink’s cameras exclusively use battery power. Battery powered cameras can be placed almost anywhere, since they don’t have to be plugged into an outlet. However, these batteries must be replaced every so often, or the camera will turn off. But what if you’re out of town or on vacation when your cameras run out of battery? Or what if the stores near you don’t carry the specific lithium batteries Blink cameras need to function properly? With, you’re given the freedom to choose from thousands of cameras. So no matter if you want a camera that draws power from a battery, an electrical outlet, or even the sun, has you covered.


Blink’s cloud storage service is free once you purchase one of their cameras. This sounds great, until you realize that you’re limited to storing only two hours of video. That’s not even a full day of surveillance! On top of that, Blink doesn’t even give you the option to pay for more storage, so no matter what you’re stuck with a mere 120 minutes of storage., on the other hand, offers a full month of cloud storage for only $9. That’s nearly 365 times more.


If you decide to use Blink’s service, you only have two bundles to choose from; The Blink indoor system and the upgraded Blink XT system. The XT camera has motion detection, infrared night vision, temperature sensing, is weatherproof, and the bundle includes two hours of cloud video storage, all for $129. Sounds reasonable, right? Well, with those 129 dollars, you could instead get this $45 camera which has the same features as the XT camera (minus temperature sensing), a whole 8 months of service with 30 days of cloud video storage, and even after all that, you’d still have $4.40 left over. You could save even more if you opted for our yearly subscription plan.

API also allows advanced users to build their own programs using our SDK. Using our API, enthusiasts can write their own code that can access camera data from Sensr’s cloud. Want to build your own iPhone app? Write in facial recognition? Go for it. While it’s not exactly something that the everyday user would want, it’s still there for anyone who needs it.

Sensr vs Blink comparison Chart

The great news is that we offer free trials to all who are interested. If you like what you see, and we are sure you will, you can sign up for your own account and regain the control of your Wi-Fi security cameras.

Wrap up

At, we seek to be the best nest cam alternative available that is both user friendly and flexible in the modern world.

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