How to do port forwarding with eero

eero wifi system

The eero wifi system is really quite amazing. It lets you blanket your home in wifi and manage it with the eero app. You can do lots of neat things, like pause the internet for different devices or manage the network even when you’re not home.

Normally to do port forwarding to your IP camera, you need to configure the camera to have a specific IP address, then go to the router and add tell it to forward external ports to the internal ports on that IP address. eero takes a different approach.

However, if you don’t want to do port forwarding at all, you can simiply use and have your camera push to

There are still some reasons you might want to do port forwarding, so here’s how it works with eero:

In the eero app, go to

Network Settings > Advanced Settings > Reservations & Port Forwarding

You’ll see a page that lets you add a reservation for your devices. Select the + Add a reservation menu. This will let you choose any of the devices currently connected to your network. In my case it was the Balcony Tenvis Camera which I wanted to expose on my network.

Once you make a reservation, you can then add port forwarding for that device. In my case I wanted to forward port 8080 on the outside to port 80 on my camera. This was so a friend of mine could experiment with my camera remotely. I also forwarded 554 and 660 and you can see in the screenshot below.

eero app add reservation eero wifi system add port forward

Why do port forwarding?

Generally you don’t wnat to do port forwarding if you don’t have to. If you want to see your camera outisde of your network, most cameras now come with apps that will allow you to view and configure your camera remotely without port forwarding. These cameras and apps are advertised as P2P enabled.

Of course you could also use which doesn’t require any port forwarding or special firewall configuration. You simply have the cameras push images to us. You can use without any firewall configuration at all.

Here’s that Tenvis balcony showing our view of Condado. This is not using any port forarding at all.