Foscam offline, Why can't I view my camera live?

Foscam Cloud Connection Problems

I’ve setup two of the recent Foscam camera models, a Foscam FI9900P and the Foscam 1920TVL. Both support the Foscam cloud and the setup goes pretty well. More on that another time. But frequently when I launch the Foscam iOS app and the cameras are showing as offline when I know that they are online. How do I know that? I’ve connected the cameras to and they continue to upload and show live on

We do support live streams though, so if you’re running into the Failed to connect issue and can’t see your camera, try setting up your camera on and viewing the live view through us!

I think the issue here is that Foscam Cloud is a new service and it’s buggy. Maybe they aren’t keeping their servers up. Maybe they aren’t monitoring their servers properly? Maybe the great firewall of China is blocking your camera from connecting to servers over at Big Red. Building a cloud service and keeping it running can be complex, so I hope they are just having growing pains and will get it sorted soon.

Why would you want to use the Foscam Cloud and together? is a pretty simple DVR in the cloud. We have lots of cool features but the one thing we can’t support is the pan/tilt/zoom that you get in the Foscam app. Our service is built on having the cameras upload directly to the servers. This simiplifies setup and means you don’t need any difficult firewall port forwarding.
But it also means we can’t support PTZ.

We have a free trial so you have nothing to loose!

We would love to hear your experience with Focam Cloud or, so please leave us a comment below.

Foscam Cloud Connection Problems