Alfa R36 AWUS036NH Network Scan Not Working

R36 Firmware Versions

Are you having problems with your Alfa R36 not being able to scan for networks? If the firmware version on your R36 needs to be at least or it won’t work with the AWUS036NH. See the screen shot above. At first I didn’t realize that I had a different version of the AWUS036NH, the version that has an H at the end: AWUS036NH not AWUS036N. They are different.

After the firmware upgrade everything works great.

Get the firmware here.

What is this for?

R36 and AWUS036NH Alfa R36 and AWUS036NH

You can use the R36 and the AWUS036NH to create your own hotspot out of another wifi network. The AWUS036NH is essentially an antennae. The R36 is a router that also creates it’s own wifi network. Let’s say you have a bunch of devices in your RV or boat. You can connect them all to the R36’s wifi network. Then when you park in the Starbucks parking lot, you can tell the R36 to use the Starbucks wifi and all of your devices on your local network will connect to the world on over the Starbucks network. You could have security cameras and laptops and wireless printers all connected to your R36. Thus you’ll have to scan for networks whenever you change locations, but at least you won’t need to

Once you have yours working, you might want to check out this article on optimizing your R36.

Record your IP camera on

Once you get your R36 working, go get some security cameras and connect them to!