How to Setup the TRENDnet TV-IP851WIC with Cloud Recording

TRENDnet makes some good looking cameras

TRENDnet makes some good looking cameras

The TRENDnet TV-IP851WIC is a great option if you are looking for a camera with a good mark down. Going for $89.99 on amazon this camera won’t break the bank but you won’t be sacrificing quality for price. This camera is packed with great features and has received pretty positive feedback from users. This camera is also prefect for use with if you are looking for a secure way to back you files up to the cloud. This tutorial will show you how to get you camera setup and hooked up to our cloud recording service so you can watch your stuff anywhere, anytime.

For your convenience I will break this tutorial up into four steps so you can skip around as you see fit:

  1. Set up your hardware and find your camera’s IP address
  2. Navigate to your camera’s network access page
  3. Head over to and grab some new FTP credentials
  4. Tell your camera about your new FTP credential

Step one: set up your hardware and find your camera’s IP address

The Hardware setup on this camera is fairly simple. Just plug your camera into a wall outlet and a router and you are good to go. If you would like to connect your camera to wireless you may do that now using WPS or later through the Network Access page. If you want to use WPS just press the WPS button on your router for a few seconds then press the WPS button on your camera within 30 seconds. Once you are connected to the internet you will need to find your camera’s IP address. The quick start guide will suggest using their included software but their are easier ways to find an IP address. I like to go through my router.

I will show you how to do this on a mac (because I am writing from a mac) but it is also very easy to do from a PC (the PC process is outlined in this article). On my mac it is under system preferences>Network>Advanced…>TCP/IP. The page looks like this:

Router IP address shown on second line

Once you have the IP address just enter it into your browser and it should bring you to a network access page. Everyone’s looks different depending on the make and model of their browser. Mine, for example, looks like this:

My router's Network Access portal

If you aren’t sure which device is new you can always unplug your camera then plug it back in to see which one disappears and comes back.

Step 2: Navigate to your camera’s network access page

Now that you have your camera’s IP address just enter it into your browser. This will bring you to a page requesting a username and password. The defaults here are admin and admin. You will be asked to accept a terms of use and change your password. Just follow the instructions on the screen they are very clear.  Finally you will come to a page that looks like this:

Network Acess page

Network Access page

From this page you can control every feature of your camera. Feel free to play around on here when you have time; you will probably find a lot of cool things, but for now it is on top step 3.

Step Three: Head over to and grab some new FTP credentials

Now you are ready to setup stuff from the side of things. We will store all your recorded data in the cloud so you can access it from any device, anywhere. We have a number of different plans but the first week is always free so just set it up and give it a try. If you don’t like it you don’t need to continue to a payed plan. Log into your account click the Add Camera button. Once you login you’ll see a page like this: Add new camera pageNext you’ll see a page like this where you can set the timezone for your camera, give it a name, and tell us the model.  Cameras default to private but you can make them public if you want to share them with the world. Note this is for a different deviceAfter that, we’ll generate some FTP credentials for your server. This generates a login for your  TRENDnet TV-IP851WIC to where it can upload images via FTP. This tells your camera where to upload the images. The important information here is:

  1. FTP Server
  2. FTP User name
  3. FTP Password

Save these so we can add them to your camera later. FTP credentials

Time for the fourth and final step…

Step Four: Tell your camera about your new FTP credential

Go back to your camera’s Network Access page in the other tab. Click on the administration tab then configuration from the side bar. A drop down menu will appear, pick upload. The page will look like this:

FTP settings shown above

FTP settings shown above

Copy and paste the Credentials you gained earlier. Make sure Passive mode is set to yes and the box labeled “upload images to FTP server” is also checked. put the time schedule to always and the image interval to one frame per second. Now click save and you should be good to go. Go back to the tab and it should look something like this:


Now that you’re on we’ll archive all the motion events, giving you 30 days of archives, SMS and email alerts, guest access, and a whole lot more.  You can view the live stream on our website or in our apps.

As always let me know if you have any questions. Shoot me an email at or click the feedback button on the right of the page!