How to setup the Tenvis JPT3815W



You can record your Tenvis camera on with just a little bit of work. This blog will show you how to get it up and running with or any other service that supports FTP uploads of JPEGs.

The Tenvis JPT3815W is a great little IP camera with a ton of features that’s prefect for cloud recording. Some people complain that the user interface for the Tenvis products isn’t as sleek or easy to use as Foscam which may be true but it doesn’t really matter if you are using because our interface is breath taking no matter what camera you use!

Setting up this camera won’t be too difficult if you just follow these steps:

  1. Get out your Tenvis JPT3815W  and connect it to the internet and a power source
  2. Navigate to the camera’s network access page and Log in
  3. Go to and add a new camera
  4. Go back to the camera’s network access page and add your new FTP credentials.
  5. Take a victory lap

Take out your Tenvis JPT3815W and hook it up. I’m going to assume you can do this without instruction but sometimes this stuff gets confusing (especially with wireless setup) so if you need any help just send an email to and I will be sure to help you hook it up.

Once you’ve got it hooked up you are going to need to find the IP address so you can get to the network access window. To do this you have to go your router’s network access page by typing your routers IP address into your internet browser. On a mac you can find this information in system preferences.

My router's IP address shown on my mac

My router’s IP address shown on my mac

Head to your router’s network access page. When you plug in your camera look for the new IP address, your camera’s IP address. Now that you have your camera’s IP address the world is your oyster. Type it into your internet browser and the page will look like this:

So much control

So much control

The default username is admin with no password. You should probably change that for obvious reasons. Now that you have signed in you are ready to move onto the part of the process!

Simply log into your account click the Add Camera button. has a free one week trial, so give it a go and see if it works for you.  (It’s free to setup an account with Camera monitoring starts at $9.95/month after your free trial is up.)  Once you login you’ll see a page like this:

Add new camera page

2. Next you’ll see a page like this where you can set the timezone for your camera, give it a name, and tell us the model.  Cameras default to private but you can make them public if you want to share them with the world.

Note this is for a different device


After that, we’ll generate some FTP credentials for your server. This generates a login for your  Tenvis JPT3815W to where it can upload images via FTP. This tells your camera where to upload the images. The important information here is:

  1. FTP Server
  2. FTP User name
  3. FTP Password

Save these so we can add them to your camera later.

FTP credentials

Now go back to the camera’s network access page (in the other tab) and get to the FTP setup page. Make sure you are logged on as an administrator or this setup is impossible. When you log in as the administrator on this camera there will be a navigation menu on the left with FTP services as an option. Click on that and it will take you here:

FTP controls

FTP controls

Copy and paste the FTP server, username, and password you got from earlier from Make sure the port is set to 21, mode is set to passive, and have the intervals set to 1. Once you’ve got those entered in you should be uploading to Go back to the tab and click next step. Your page should look like this:



Now take that victory lap. You’ve earned it. Tell everyone you know your tech savy and have automated your home.

Now that you’re on we’ll archive all the motion events, giving you 30 days of archives, SMS and email alerts, guest access, and a whole lot more.  You can view the live stream on our website or in our apps.

As always let me know if you have any questions. Shoot me an email at or click the feedback button on the right of the page!