How to Setup the Swann ADS-445 Camera for cloud recording

ADS-445 SwannEye HD

ADS-445 SwannEye HD

The Swann “Swanneye HD” ADS-445 is a pretty nifty camera. It has a whole bunch of great features like 720p recording, night vision, Pan & Tilt, and two way audio. Setup for this one is a bit of a pain because you have to install their software but running their software gives you access to all their cool features so its with it. 

I’ll also show you how to push images to so you can take advantage of all of our cool features, like SMS and email alerts, 30 days archiving, no firewall config, clip sharing, embedable live streams, guest access, etc.

Activating the Swanneye software

To start you can download their software. If you have a PC you can find the software on their website and if you have a mac you can find their app on the app store under Swanneye HD. Once you’ve downloaded this software just open it up and follow the instructions on the screen prompting you to register for an account.

Once you have registered for an account you should move onto the main page of Swanneye HD which should look like this:

Swanneye main page

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  Swanneye main page

Connect your camera to the Swanneye software

Once you get to the main page you should hook up your camera to both power and internet. The camera can connect to the internet wirelessly using WPS or through an ethernet plug in. I will assume you can connect the camera to the internet and plug it into power. Once you’ve got your camera hooked up to internet and power all you need to do is click on the devices button on the top left hand corner of the screen and the camera should be listed under LAN. 

From here you can do all sorts of things such as view the feed and take snapshots. Most importantly you can connect your camera to your wifi network if you don’t have a WPS enabled router. You can do this by clicking the set attribute button then going to camera configuration:wifi.

Add a new camera on

Login to using your email and password.  If you don’t have an account, you can add one for free on the sign up page.  Once you’re logged in, just click the Add Camera button in green:

sensr add camera

Next you will see a page asking you to give some information about the camera. Some of this stuff is important as it helps get the schedule right. The rest is important because it will help you know which camera is which should you choose to add more. It should look like this:

Name your camera and give us some basic info about it.

Once you press next step it will take you to a page giving you your new FTP credentials. These are very important and make it so your camera will know to send the images to us. The page will look like this:

FTP credentials

Keep this page open so you won’t forget the credentials. Of course you can always open this page again should you accidentally close it.

Tell your camera about it’s new FTP credentials

Once you have the FTP credentials from all you need to do is tell your camera about them. Go back to the Swanneye Pro and select your camera. Click on the gear then choose the tab Alarm. This should look like this:

FTP button in blue

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  FTP button in blue

Click on the FTP button then enter the FTP credentials you got from Just copy and paste these to get them exactly right. You don’t want to make a typo here because then the camera won’t upload to Make sure the camera is set to always upload at 1 frame per second. Make sure the camera is set to passive FTP as we need that for the camera to work on our end.  Now head back to and click next step.

Waiting for upload

To this:


Now that you have the camera setup, here are some other things you can do:

If you have any problems or questions, just click the Feedback button on the right side of every page and ask us a question.  We usually respond quickly and try hard to get back within 24 hours at the latest.