Making Clips on

If you have a camera on, you can create a clip from the images that have been stored your camera. The above video shows how to do that. To get started go to the hour view on your camera and click the ‘Create a clip…’ button below the camera view.

Why would you want to create a clip?

Share something publicly from a private camera: Most cameras on are private, but sometimes something interesting happens, and you want to let others see it. This allows you to share something from your camera in a very controlled way.

Get around the 30 day limit: will keep images from your camera for 30 days. After that we will delete them unless they are part of a clip or are marked as a favorite. We keep clips around until you delete your camera or you delete the clip.

Easily send content from your camera: When you create a clip, the URL for the clip will look like where NNNN is the clip number. If it’s a public clip, you can simply email this URL to someone and they can see what happend on your camera. For instance, here’s the clip I made in the video:

Get an MP4 file of your clip:  We try to generate a MP4 file from your clip and send it to you when you make a clip. This feature is still in beta, and it seems to work 90% of the time. So if you’re lucky, a few minutes after you make a clip you’ll get an email with a link that let’s you download the MP4 to your computer. After I made the above clip, I got the following email:

Sample email after making a clip. The download links are valid for 30 days.


I just clicked on the green link in the email and downloaded the MP4 file to my computer. So you can see the resulting video, I uploaded it to YouTube and you can see it here.

Check out all the public clips: You can view all the public clips that have been made by our users by going to and browsing away. Please keep those clips G Rated!  If we find risqué clips we’ll make them private.