D-Link DCS-2230 FTP Problem Solved

D-Link DCS 2230

D-Link DCS 2230 doesn’t like empty FTP upload folder settings.

The DCS-2230 supports JPEG uploads via FTP. It turns out that it doesn’t like the upload folder set to / for some reason.  With Sensr.net we don’t care what you use for the upload folder name, we’ll take about anything or nothing.  But the DCS-2230 does seem to care.  Unless you put something into the folder field for the FTP uploads, it won’t work.

Thanks to a diligent Sensr.net user and DCS-2230 owner for letting us know!

Try it with your own DCS-2230 and let us know how it works.  Get your free Sensr.net trial and let us record your D-Link camera in the cloud.