HOWTO Setup D-Link DCS-5010L Recording with FTP

D-Link 5010L

D-Link 5010L

The D-Link DCS 5010L is one of their most popular camera models with night vision, pan and tilt, WiFi and it works with the mydlink service.  The DCS 5010L is also very affordable at around $75 on Amazon these days. This camera compares to the DCS-5020L at almost twice the price.

I’ll also show you how to push images to so you can take advantage of all of our cool features, like SMS and email alerts, 30 days archiving, no firewall config, clip sharing, embedable live streams, guest access, etc.

Recording Needed

While the MyDlink service will let you view this camera remotely, it doesn’t support any kind of recording or saving of images. That’s where comes in.  We’ll save up to a month of archives automatically.  This blog post will show you how to setup the DCS-5010L so you can see what happened while you weren’t looking!

I’ll also show you how to configure the camera to push images to the site so you can take advantage of all the cool features like archiving, sharing, and alerting that our site provides.


  1. Setup your MyDlink Service
  2. Tell about your camera
  3. Tell your camera about


Step 1:  To setup the camera out of the box, just use the CD and instructions that come with the camera. Basically you’ll need to connect the camera to your router and run some software from the CD.  You’ll end up creating an account on the MyDlink site that will let you log into your camera through their website or using the MyDlink apps.  Once you have that setup, you’ll be able to log into your camera and change it’s configurations.  You’ll be able to see the camera’s configuration page which looks something like this:

D-Link DCS-5010L Admin page configured on

DCS-5010L Admin page

You can now make changes to your camera’s config through your browser. You don’t need to do anything else if you just want to view the camera live inside your home or through the MyDlink website. (There are other configs like wireless and image size, all of which you can get to through the web interface, I’m not going to cover them here.)

Add a New Camera to your Account

Step 2 Login to using your email and password.  If you don’t have an account, you can add one for free on the sign up page.  Once you’re logged in, just click the Add Camera button in green.

Click the green button.

Click the green button.

Next you’ll see a page where you can set the camera’s title, the time zone, privacy, and model.  The title should be something that describes what the camera is pointing at.  The most popular camera title on is Front Door so this gives you an idea of how folks are using our site. You can name the camera whatever you want though, we generate a generic name based on your login. The time zone is pretty important.  It’s used to generate the day view of the archives.  Cameras are private by default, meaning only you can see them.  If you want your camera to be public, you can change that setting here.  The camera model just tells us what kind of camera you’re setting up.  In this case it would be a DCS-5010L.

Name your camera and give us some basic info about it.

Name your camera and give us some basic info about it.

Once you fill in the details and click the Next Step link we’ll generate some FTP credentials for you. You’ll need to put these into your camera in the next step.  The important things are:

  1. FTP Server
  2. Username
  3. Password

Keep this window open or copy and paste them somewhere since you’ll need them soon.  You can always get them back later if you need them again or loose them.  They’ll be under the camera’s details page.

FTP credentials

FTP credentials


Tell your Camera about

Step 3  Now you need to configure your camera so it will send images to  Go back to the page for your DCS-5010L.  You can get here by logging into MyDlink and clicking on the configuration link.  Click on “SETUP” on the top menu and then “FTP” on the side.  You’ll then be at a page that looks like this:

DCS-5010L FTP setup page configured on

DCS-5010L FTP setup page

The red arrows above show the settings you need to configure.  Under Host Name add the FTP server name you got from the add camera page on  Copy the user name and password as well.  Make sure to select “Passive Mode”,  we only support passive FTP on

You also need to tell your camera to send images to on a schedule.  You do this by selecting the check box “Enable uploading to the FTP server” and confirm that “Always” and “1 Frames/Second”

are selected.    These are the defaults and seem to work well.  The other default’s for the file name are also well supported, so no reason to change them.

Make sure to click the “Save Settings” button at the top of the page.  Once you’ve done this, your DCS-5010L should be sending images to

At this point you are done. You can close the browser window pointed at your camera and go back to Click on the Next Step button to see the images coming in from your camera. You should see a page something like this:



Now that you have the camera setup, here are some other things you can do:

Note that you can view the camera live on the site or the MyDlink site. With MyDlink you’ll be able to configure the camera and use the pan and tilt functions. On the site you’ll see recorded archives and setup alerts, create clips for sharing, save images to a favorites gallery and a whole lot more.

If you have any problems or questions, just click the Feedback button on the right side of every page and ask us a question.  We usually respond quickly and try hard to get back within 24 hours at the latest.