Share Your Camera with the Police?


]1The San Jose police are interested in getting access to security cameras from citizens who volunteer access, according to the San Jose Mercury News. I have a couple driveway cameras that I wouldn’t mind sharing with the police. In fact, I’ve considered making them public cameras. The cameras don’t show anything that you couldn’t see by driving by my house on a public street. Of course having archives is a more powerful thing than simply a live stream.

With cameras are private by default, but you can make your cameras public and anyone can see them. (Here’s a list of all our public cameras.) We also have a guest access feature, where you can give specific users access to the camera. This might be a good option for the SJPD. Users could add guest access to the an account for the police department, allowing them to view the cameras but also keeping the cameras hidden from the public. We’ve had the guest access feature for quite some time.

Maybe it’s time to contact the police!