Stolen Camera Continues Uploading to



At we provide a cloud service for recording your webcam or IP camera. Unfortunately these cameras sometimes get stolen. Recently we had a user who’s home was burgalrized and the theif had the gall to steal his connected camera.

It seems that he also decided to setup the camera for himself, so he took the camera home, after a stop at Taco Bell for some refreshments, and plugged it into his home router. The faithful Foscam jumped on the thief’s network and continued uploading to We have some great shots of the thief, along with the remnants of his fast food meal, and even a shot of the bottom of his router.

Our user contacted us to see if we could provide the IP address used by the camera while it was uploading to our service. Sure enough, our analytics keeps track of that, so now the police have some pretty good pointers to our bad guy. No news on his capture as of yet, but it’s pretty gratifying nonetheless. works with pretty much any off the shelf webacam or IP camera. We simply capture JPEG images uploaded to us via FTP or HTTP. We do motion detection on our side and transform those uploads to live video streams as well as archives. We do a lot more than this, so check out if you’re interested in learning more. We have a one week free trial, so give it a try.