View IP Camera Remotely, No Firewall Config


IP cameras like Foscam, D-Link, Wansview, Panasonic, Y-Cam, Loftek, EasyN, Linksys, Sharx, Trendnet, Brickcom, Swann, Edimax, Axis, etc. can be super useful devices. One of the biggest problems with these cameras is setting up your firewall so you’re able to see the cameras remotely. With you don’t need to touch that firewall or setup any kind of dynamic DNS.

How can I see my camera if it’s behind a firewall?

With your camera pushes images to our servers and you view the images on the site under your account. This simplifies thing greatly. Your camera can push images to us without the firewall changing at all. Firewalls block traffic coming into your network, not going out. The key here is that we have a bunch of servers dedicated to handling your camera’s stream. (Currently we have about 70 servers handling camera data.)

What if my home IP address changes?

It doesn’t matter because you don’t need to connect back to your home network. With you view your camera on our site. We grab the stream from your camera and put it in a nice web or mobile view for you. There is no need for a service like DynDNS or noip because it doesn’t matter what your home network’s IP address changes. You just need to log in to with your account and you can see all of your cameras in one place.

As an added benefit, you can share your camera with folks and it won’t impact your home network at all. If a bunch of guests are viewing the camera, they’re all viewing it on, so it’s our bandwidth they are using, not your poor little DSL line. Ok, maybe you have a beefy internet connection, but you still don’t want your HBO Go to buffer when Grandma logs in to watch the cats.

Is this secure?

We believe this is much more secure that opening a hole in your firewall. Have you ever looked at the logs on your router? It’s scary how many scanners are out there looking for a way to break into your network. Why give them one more opening? With you can leave the firewall closed. You don’t have worry that a bug in your camera’s firmware will let the script kiddies onto your home PC.

How do I get started?

Get a free trial account at (no credit card required) and add your camera. Each camera model is different, but basically we give you FTP credentials for each of your cameras. You then tell the camera to upload JPEG images at 1 or 2 frames per second to our servers. We have a bunch of how to guides on our blog, if you don’t see your camera listed or can’t get it to work, just send email to us, support@ you know what, and we’ll help you get going.

Is it free?

There is a free 1 week trial. After that, we charge $99 per year (or $9.95 per month) for the first camera. Additional cameras are $49 per year or $4.95 per month. See our pricing page for details. Besides firewall free configuration, here are some of the other things you get for your money:

Stop messing with those firewall configurations and give it a try!