New IP Camera API & SDK Release

The team at is excited to announce that the latest version of our API  is live and available for your use! Want to build your own iPad app? You can do that. Want to write a script to download images from your camera and generate a timelapse movie? You can do that too. Want to hack a custom IP camera with a Raspberry Pi pushing to, bring it on!

Access data with the Ruby Binding

Endless Uses:

  • Develop an IP-camera mobile upload application (like SensrCam Pro in the Apple App Store).
  • Download images from a camera and pipe them into ffmpeg to generate a time-lapse movie.
  • Analyze motion events and build a trend analysis graph for a camera or multiple cameras.
  • Make your own custom IP camera with a Rapberry Pi and a USB camera.


  • Access stored camera images or videos.
  • Create cameras – jpeg or video supported.
  • Easy authorization for web applications, desktop applications, mobile phones, and devices with AOuth2.
  • Provision new users and new cameras.  (requires _Sensr_ Partner status) is the only IP-Camera cloud platform to offer an API. You can check out our new landing page for all API-related content above. If you have any questions, or want to write in with comments, send us a message at Happy hacking!

Terms of service here: terms.