TYLT Portable Battery Pack “PowerPlant” @ CES 2013

TYLT Portable Battery Pack with Sensr.net at CES 2013

Never able to find an open electrical socket at the airport? TLYT is here to solve all you jet setters’  problems with their portable battery pack, the “PowerPlant,” demo’d at CES this year. TYLT boasts the ability to fully charge your smart phone twice after their battery pack is fully juiced. With an output of 2.1 Amps, it can even charge your iPad or tablet. The PowerPlant with an Apple 30 pin input is available for $74.99, with Micro USB coming in at $69.99.

TYLT Portable Battery Packs with Sensr.net at CES 2013

The battery could really come in handy if you’re using an old iPhone or iPad as a Sensr.net camera with our SensrCam Pro app, too!