Suitable Tech Wants You to Beam Yourself Anywhere


]1 Suitable Tech RPD at CES 2013

Suitable Tech are at CES in Las Vegas showing off their awesome Star Trek creation, more formally described as Beam Remote Presence Device (RPD). The sweet, drivable robot was created to provide a “physical presence, anywhere in the world,” traveling around the office at average human height and move at a max speed of 3mph. Suitable Tech’s RPD allows remote employees to connect and communicate as if they were really in the office — pretty sweet!

Suitable Technologies Beaming Up at CES 2013

Though it’s hardly cheap, the RPD is available now starting at $16,000, featuring:

  • 17-inch screen, so your face is human size
  • 1.58m (5′ 2″) frame, so your body is human size
  • Top speed of 1.5 m/s (3 mph), so you can keep up
  • Two wide-angle HD cameras, for full visual awareness
  • Six-microphone array with noise reduction and echo cancellation, for full audio awareness
  • Powerful built-in speaker, so you will be heard
  • Two dual-band radios with proprietary roaming algorithms, for seamless WiFi connectivity
  • Industry-standard encryption of all communication

If you’ve made it to CES this year, definitely be sure to check out the Suitable Tech booth and get your beam on.