Configure a D-Link DCS-942L on

  • September 29, 2012
  • Adam Beguelin
  • D-Link

D-Link DCS-942L on

The D-Link DCS-942L is a nice little camera from D-Link, an upgrade from its predecessor, the DCS-932L.  It works pretty well with if you know how to set it up.  For this camera you need to configure it to upload to on motion as it doesn’t support uploads at 1 FPS (frame per second).

Go to the camera’s UI and login as 

admin.  (By default the admin password isn’t set, so just hit return.)  Then go to the Setup page for Motion Detection, which should look something like this.  I put a red circle around the settings you want to choose.  Basically you want to select the Enable Video Motion option and tell the camera which part of the frame to use when detecting motion.

Next you need to tell the camera to FTP snapshots (JPEG images) to  You’ll need the FTP credentials from your account for this camera.  You can get those by logging into and going to the settings page for your camera.

Get the FTP credentials from

Once you have the credentials, go to your DCS-942l page under Setup and then Snapshot and put the credentials in there.   Select the Snapshot mode and Trigger by Motion.  The path doesn’t really matter, but the port should be 21 and the Passive Mode should be selected, both of these are the defaults.  The screen on the camera side will look like this.

Tell your DSC-942l to upload snapshots on motion

Once you have your camera pushing snapshots to, you’ll be able to view the archives in our lovely cloud DVR view, where we organize them by month, day, and hour. Now you can easily find out what happened last night or last week with just a few clicks.

DVR View of DCS-942L

One drawback to the upload on motion is that the live view on won’t work, it will just show the last image we retrieved.  In the day view you’ll see missing images in the hours where there was no motion.   Not a big deal really, but it looks a little odd.  Here’s an example of the day view, you can see that nothing happened between midnight and 4am and that no images were stored between 8pm and midnight.

Day view example shows hours without motion.

Generally the DCS-942L is a decent camera and works pretty well with  If you want the live view, you can always use the MyDlink site for that.