Cloud Cameras & Personal Social Networks: Infrics Interview Part 2

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Part two of the Infrics interview with‘s Tom Sheffler has been posted, The Lure of Moving Image, Cloud Cameras, & Personal Social Networks. In this talk, Tom and Donald Ham discuss everything from one of our favorite companies, Mission: Cats, to network camera owners who have solved crimes using

Some highlights:

TS: It’s [Machines that sense their environment and send out information about that environment] very primitive right now.  I would say that right now, is laying the pipes for funneling the information around, and we’re doing some elementary analysis.  But I can imagine a world where, you walk in and one camera picks you up and a sensor notices a light change, and you travel to a different camera, and up in the cloud we’re seeing “here’s Donald. He entered this room, he entered another room.”  We can stitch these together and summarize the scene and mail it to Tom, who’s responsible for managing this space.

DH: Or send me a text if my ex shows up at my front door.  Or any number of possibilities. What about third party analysis and search enablement of your publicly-displayed video?

TS: Right, right, like a Twitter feed…

DH: Or if Google starts monitoring public feeds and say you want an image of the new Audi model, and it could analyze the cameras and tell you if one is nearby.  In the new Avengers movie, there’s a scene where they’re looking for Loki, the bad guy, and they’re using technology to analyze every publicly-available video feed in the world, and they stop him when he shows up in Germany.

TS: People see things like that in movies and they come to expect it, and then it comes to be.  It’ll happen.  

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