Mission: Cats on Apple.com Business Profile

With Sensr.net, video is pushed to the Mission: Cats website. Employees and customers can view their cats from anywhere via iPad, or iPhone.

Mission: Cats were featured on Apple’s iPad in Business series today, showcasing creative use of technology in their San Francisco cat boarding business. It’s great to see one of our users getting some deserved publicity, and we congratulate them on their success. We’re also extremely appreciative of Sensr.net being mentioned, as well as our mobile site being shown in one of the photos!

If you’re unfamiliar with Mission: Cats, you can see the company’s founders, Genna Darby and Ash Wilkie, on the front page of Sensr.net. When cat owners leave their feline friends with Mission: Cats, Sensr.net allows proud parents to keep an eye on their beloved pets. You can see some of their cat cams on their website.

Check out the full story on Mission: Cats on the Apple website!