Raystede Webcam on Sensr.net

Raystede Center for Animal Welfare on Sensr.net

Meet Daisy, everyone! The Raystede Animal Welfare Centre of East Sussex, England have been nursing a Shetland pony, Daisy, back to health after she was found with severe injuries. The vet bills have been extensive, but Daisy has made a good recovery, and just gave birth to a filly on April 16th!

Raystede have put up a camera on Sensr.net so you can check in on Daisy and her new foal at any time. If you would like to donate to help Daisy and her new foal, no matter how small, you can contact fundraising at Raystede on 01825 840747, text FOAL12 £1-£10 to 70070, or head over to the Raystede website for more information.