This Week’s Top 5 Clips on

There have been some amazing shots captured on lately, and we figured it’d be great to post a top 5 clips list every week, pointing out some of the really wonderful time-lapses that have been posted this week. Thanks to all of our awesome users!

**5. Running in Circles (for Oats)

** Mookie’s Rabbit Cam

Rabbit Cam on

Mookie’s RabbitCam has been on for some time, with a dozen or so clips made. The rabbit sure is cute, so check out the camera for a hoppin’ good time! (Yeah, that was a little lame. So what.) 

4. Big Momma Deer!

Deercam on

The DeerCam has been extremely active on for some time now, and it’s about time we give them a little recognition. Their website,, has a live stream of their camera, as well as an exclusive, high quality “DirectConnect” feed should you donate to their site. All funds go directly to the maintenance and future expansion of their camera equipment. If you’re looking to see some more great wilderness shots, head on over to their website. You can contact them at, too.

3. **Dave Catches a Catfish!

** Lakehouse Boat Cam 

This is a great timelapse of one of our users catching a catfish at their boat house! Let’s see some bigger ones next week! (Captured from a D-Link DCS-932L.)

2. **Prestwich SnailCam

** _PrestwichCam _

The Prestwich Cam makes its first appearance on our top 5 list, but we recently wrote a user spotlight featuring PGuide’s innovative setup, so check that out too! The camera normally captures close-up shots of birds, but snails are neat too!

  1. New Puppies Wiggin’ Around

_Tulip Cam _

The Tulip Cam takes #1 spot again this week, with her brand new pups, Thorn, Thistle, Huckleberry, Ash, and Cedar, having some fun! Too cute. Again, if you want more information on Tails to Tell and Tulip, check out their website,