Guest Access for Cameras

Invite Button

Use the INVITE button to manage your guest list

Would you like to share your camera with a few trusted folks?  Now you can.   Want to let Grandma check on the kids in the playroom?  Want to let the dog walker keep an eye on Fido?  Just go to your camera and click the INVITE button and you’ll get a popup window that will let you manage your camera’s guest list.

Here’s an example guest list for my Shelford Knight camera.   It’s a private camera and I’ve invited two users to have guest access.  (I’ve blacked out their email addresses in this screenshot for privacy reasons.)  You can see that they have both accepted the invitation.  If you want to remove someone from the guest list, just click the X next to their email address, and they won’t be able to access your camera anymore.

Manage your camera's guest list

When you invite a guest, we’ll send them an email with the invitation.  If they don’t have a account, they can create one for free.

Guests are allowed to:

  • View any part of your camera
  • Create clips, both private and public
  • Leave comments on your camera

Guests are not allowed to:

  • Delete images from cameras
  • Change camera settings
  • Invite other guests

Let us know what you think!