User Spotlight: Prestwich Webcam

Prestwich Bird on (Nuthatch)

We’re looking to start a new series on our blog featuring some of the really amazing things our users do with, highlighting the unique camera setups you guys have engineered. In our first User Spotlight, we’re checking out PGuide’s Prestwich Webcam, which frequently captures amazing closeup shots of a variety of birds. We were so curious as to how PGuide was getting such great images we had to send him an email and ask about his setup, and he gave us a few creative ideas.

The Setup:
Tenvis JPT3815 – $58.99
LED Infrared Illuminator – $39.95

For about $100, PGuide’s camera setup provides 247 outdoor vision from an indoor camera. Night vision network cameras can’t shoot through glass due to their infrared; it just reflects back at you. So PGuide bought the infrared illuminator to place outside the window, and covered the Tenvis’ IR LEDs — a cheaper solution than buying an outdoor IP camera, and just as effective for this purpose. He then built a shelf for the camera, producing incredible closeup views of his aerial visitors.

But enough talk — just look at some of these clips!

For a while, pigeons kept bullying the little birds and snaggin’ their food, so PGuide set up some defenses.

The perimeter is working!

Collared doves captured on the Prestwich camera.


Blue tit


Robin Snow

Young Robin

Double Robin

Robin Up Close



Want to see more ofthe Prestwich birds? Go to the Prestwich Webcam live view. Special thanks to PGuide for telling us about his network camera setup, and for showing such ingenuity! Keep it up!

Do you have an awesome network camera setup you’d like to share with us? Drop a comment below and tell us about it. Maybe you’ll be the next user spotlight!