D-Link DCS-942L: Network Camera Deal of the Day

  • March 6, 2012
  • Robert Whitefield
  • D-Link

D-Link DCS-942LD-Link’s upgraded DCS-942L is on sale at Amazon for $120. The 942L has a few upgraded features over its predecessor, the DCS-932L. For starters, the new IP camera is now equipped with a built-in microSD card reader allowing you to record video locally. It can store quite a bit more now that the video has the more efficient h.264 encoding versus MJPEG.

 The 942L also claims enhanced motion detection due to a passive infrared sensor. So if motion detection, local video recording, and live streaming in h.264 is worth the extra $30 over the 932L, head over to Amazon, and when you’ve got your shiny new 942L, make sure to put it on Sensr.net!