Simplified Premium Plans

[Update: Free plans are gone. We’re evolving our pricing. See the plans page for details.]


Last month we introduced our Premium plans, thanks to everyone who signed up!   Universally we heard from you that the plans were too complex.   As a result, we decided to simplify things.

Here’s the deal:  if you want alerts and archiving more than 3 days, then you’ll want a premium plan.   If you want HD images, you’ll need a premium plan.  Most folks will choose a plan based on how long they want to keep the archives.

Here is some more food for thought:

Unlimited Cameras  The plans are per user, not per camera.  Sign up for the Stellar plan an you get 1 month of archives on all your cameras.  We think more cameras mean more fun.  So we want to encourage folks to buy and use more cameras.

Favorites and Clips Stored Forever  If you want to keep an image around, just click the little heart icon on it, and we’ll keep it in your favorites.  If you make a clip, we’ll also keep that forever, or at least until you delete your account.  If you want to keep that clip of the cat tearing up the couch, make a clip and it will be there a year from now, even if you’re on the free plan.

Hourly Limits  We have a limit of 600 images per hour that we store.  If you want to save an image a second, you’ll blow through this limit and we’ll stop recording until the next hour.  (Note: this does not impact live viewing, only what we archive.) Why do we do this?  One of the big values of is helping you find the interesting bits.  We help you filter your video stream.  We believe that you don’t want to look at a video of an empty room recorded 24×7.  You want to easily see if anything interesting happened, and then zoom in on that.   If nothing is going on, we’ll store at least one image per hour.  This makes it easy to see when something interesting happened.  See the daily view example below.  Between midnight and 5 am we only stored 1 image per hour, meaning there isn’t much happening.  However other hours during the day have higher counts, indicating something interesting happened.  If this was your camera, you could easily click through on the 6am hour and see who left the garage bright and early.  See Tom’s post on video summarization for more about this.


Video summarization example

Keep that feedback coming!  

We really enjoy hearing from our users.  Please keep that feedback coming, we appreciate it.    We want to build the best cloud service for you and your feedback helps us do just that.