New Foscam FI8910W Available on Amazon

Foscam FI8910W

Foscam’s new FI8910W is available on Amazon for about $100. While similar to its predecessor, the FI8918W, the FI8910W has a very significant upgrade: it’s designed to mitigate the loss of daytime color accuracy that plagues most IR night vision network cameras. Using an “embedded IR-cut filter,” the FI8910W claims to provide true and accurate images, fixing the problems related to washed out and discolored images. The filter is also automated, so we’re not forced to adjust it for changing light conditions.

Another important feature: the IR can be turned off altogether. So if you want to point your camera out the window at night, you can turn off the IR and buy an infrared illuminator and stick it on the outside of the window, turning the FI8910W into a semi-outdoor camera that stays inside.

We’re going to pick up the FI8910W up this week and write a comparative post with side by side shots of the FI8918W and the FI8910W, so stay tuned! If you’ve already managed to get your hands on the new Foscam, put it up on and let us know what you think below!