Which plan do I choose?

[Update: Free plans are gone. We’re evolving our pricing. See the plans page for details.]

****We just announced our premium plans last week and we’ve had  a few questions.  The main differences between the various plans are the number of motion events per day that we will save and the length of time we’ll save them for.

What’s a motion event?

Basically this is a jpeg image that is saved when we detect motion in front of the camera.  Most security cameras are setup to send us 1 frame per second.  We will process that stream and keep any frames where we detect motion.  In beta, we limited this to 600 frames per hour.  Now we’re going to limit this on a daily basis, depending on which plan you select.

How many motion events do I need?

It really depends on how much motion you expect to have in front of your camera.  You can take a look at some of the public cameras on Sensr.net and get an idea.  If you look at the month view, you can see how many events are saved per day, it’s the number next to the date.  In the screen shot below, you can see that Saturdays tend to be busy on this camera, with around two thousand motion events.  Sunday’s are much quieter and January 1st was very quiet.

Example Month View

How long of an archive do I need?

It really depends on how often you will be checking your camera. If you leave for a week long vacation, you will probably want to have the Sensible Plan, which will give you two weeks of archives. If you plan on checking the camera every day or so, you might be able to get away with the free plan, which currently provides three days of archives.

What about live viewing?

Even if you’re on the free plan and we’re only storing 500 motion events per day, you’ll still be able to see every frame sent to Sensr.net in live mode. For live viewing, we simply re-broadcast frames as they come in. So if you’re watching the live stream of a camera on the free plan, you’ll see all the images that come into us. We occasionally timeout the live streams, just to make sure someone is really watching. If that happens, just reload the page and the live stream will restart. (This will be familiar to Pandora radio listeners…)

Premium accounts get alerts

You can configure Sensr.net to send you alerts via email or SMS.  (Not all mobile providers are supported at this time.)  This means that you can get an alert when we detect motion on your camera.

A reasonable free plan

We tried to make the free plan useful, we may tune these settings over the coming months.  Let us know what you think.