DIY Security with Sharx VIPcella SCNC2607 &

Sharx Security VIPcella-IR SCNC2607 Home SecurityThe Sharx Security SCNC2607 network camera is on sale on Amazon for $280, and it’s loaded with some pretty cool features for the price. Of course it’s equipped with wifi, night vision, and audio. It also captures pretty high quality video, and at 30 fps to boot. While the camera’s IR night vision does wash out daytime colors to an extent, it has a few color settings for low light settings and no light settings, and it’s really not that bad. Here’s a sample video if you don’t believe me! (Sharx recommend you buy the less expensive SCNC2606 if vibrant daytime colors are extremely important to you.)

Like all Sharx Security cameras, it has its own built in web server, allowing the ability to stream video to PCs/Macs, as well as your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android, as well as record video locally.

But coupled with, you can watch your Sharx SCNC2607 from anywhere, any time — without having to tinker with advanced router and firewall configurations. We’ve made Do-It Yourself Security simple and affordable on absolutely any budget. You can keep all those interesting images from your camera safe in the cloud, and be alerted when any motion is captured. And with our simple interface, you can browse your cameras’ images by days and hours, and even create & save clips of awesome footage. So go ahead – get started; sign up for free and add your camera to!