Mac Security Camera with Evocam and


EvoCam let’s you use your Mac’s built in iSight camera as a security camera.  This is cool, but it’s even better if you connect EvoCam to, you can then get archiving, alerts, and all the other goodies, without needing to do any firewall configuration.

Setting up EvoCam with is pretty easy.   Just click the “add camera” button on to get your FTP credentials for your new camera.  Once you have those, go to EvoCam Preferences and put them into the EvoCam FTP Server settings.

Next, you need to tell EvoCam to upload images from your camera to  We recommend uploading images every second, as shown below.

Once you have this done, you’ll be able to see your Mac’s iSight camera on  You’ll get all the goodness, like mobile views, archives, alerts, and social integration with YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.