Loftek CXS 3200: Network Camera Deal of the Day

LOFTEK CXS 3200 on

LOFTEK’s replacement for the CXS 2200 is on sale for $79.99 on Amazon right now. The CXS 3200’s main improvement over its predecessor is its boasted “Trucolor” image processing technology, said to dramatically improve the netcam’s daytime colors. In low-light, the infrared filter is automatically disabled. In other specs, pan/tilt ranged were increased to 340º/100º, and the installation is supposed to be a lot easier, too. In case you don’t remember, setting up the LOFTEK CXS 2200 was a little wonky.

For only $10 more than the CXS 2200, it’s worth checking out the CXS 3200 for just the improved color, as that was one of my more major issues about the prior model. The Amazon specs also claim it not to  be on a static IP address, which is great too! If you’ve upgraded to the CXS 3200, let us know how it is, and get your camera up on!