EDIMAX IC-7000PTn V2: Network Camera Deal of the Day

EDIMAX IC-7000PTn on Sensr.net The EDIMAX IC-700PTn V2 is on sale @ Newegg for $120 right now, normally priced between $160 and $250. While this is another camera we haven’t tinkered with yet at Sensr.net, the IC-700PTn V2 is loaded with some fun features for the price — 802.11n PTZ (it also claims to have very silent panning/tilting), 1.3mp sensor, two way audio, and multi-area motion detection. No night vision on this model, though. Overall the reviews around the web are fairly positive, but the camera’s poor performance in low-light situations seems to be a common complaint. That said, it’s one of the cheaper camera models with a 1.3mp sensor.

We haven’t been able to find any video recorded from an EDIMAX IC-700PTn on YouTube, but if any of you have this model, let us know what you think in the comments, and configure it to Sensr.net so we can all check it out! Since the Asante Voyager 2 is on backorder for so long on Amazon now, we may pick one of these up. We’ll let you know and follow up with a review and a how-to guide on configuring the EDIMAX to your router and Sensr.net if we do.