Home Surveillance on a Budget with Sensr.net

  • September 8, 2011
  • Robert Whitefield
  • Sensr.net

Logitech Alert, Monitoring your home with Sensr.netThe New York Times recently published an article in Home Tech, Watching That Home From Afar, detailing several ways technology has eased the struggles second-home owners often have in keeping their homes safe from a slew of threats while they’re away — raccoons, plumbing disasters, theft, paranormal activity, etc. Though they must have forgotten to write about Sensr.net, we’ll forgive the omission and do it for them!

The writer tested out Logitech’s Alert line of IP cameras, boasting multiple (6) location monitoring, motion detection, and a storage card that can hold a couple weeks of video. Though the system is well-featured, it definitely isn’t cheap. To get started, you’ve got to buy the master system, which includes an indoor camera and the central command unit, and starts at $300. Or, you can buy the Outdoor Master package for $350, which includes an outdoor, weather-proof camera instead. After that, additional indoor cameras are $229, outdoor cameras $279. And while it’s nice that the system offers remote monitoring, the web/mobile software is another $80/year.

But assuming the cost fits your budget, they’re extremely well reviewed cameras – and if someone breaks into your home, the investment will certainly be worth it. Logitech’s Alert cams will also work on Sensr.net, allowing you store images well beyond a few weeks, share captured video with your friends and family, and you’ll be able to watch from anywhere for free, even behind a firewall at work.

For those of us without a second home, or would rather setup a surveillance camera network on a budget, there are several other alternatives. If night-vision is important to you, the D-Link DCS-932L is an excellent solution, and it’s on sale at Amazon for only $99 right now. While it’s not an official outdoor camera, we’ve got instructions on how to build a cheap network camera enclosure if you want to put the camera outside. Definitely don’t try to point the DCS-932L at a window if you’re trying to use its night-vision — all you’ll get is a reflection from the IR. If you’re in need of a more heavy-duty outdoor camera, the Panasonic BL-C140A is one of the cheapest available at $148.

Trendnet’s SecurView TV-IP110W is a great option for inexpensive indoor surveillance, and the wireless version will only run you $70, the wired $54. We’ve also got instructions (in the link above) on how to configure it to both your router and Sensr.net. Our mobile apps (for iPhone/iPad/Android) will let you monitor your cameras remotely as often as you’d like. We’ll even send you a text or an e-mail when your camera captures any motion.

Not worried about burglars and things that move in the night? Setting up network cameras in your home and on Sensr.net doesn’t have to be for home security, though it’s certainly an added benefit. There are plenty of other great uses for combining network cameras and Sensr.net, whether it be for time-lapse photography, watching your pets, or just capturing your family doing fun stuff to share with your friends. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next viral YouTube star? Get to sharing your network cameras on Sensr.net!