D-Link & Trendnet Network Camera Sales

Network camera prices seem to be dropping everywhere, and have gotten to a point where they are extremely affordable. Amazon has had especially good deals lately. Here are three get deals going on right now.

D-Link DCS-932L

D-Link DCS-932L on Sensr.netWe’ve posted a few times here about D-Link’s DCS-932L – it’s a great night vision cam that doesn’t sacrifice the feature for its daytime colors. The DCS-932L works great with Sensr.net, and is on sale at amazon for $99, normally priced around $140. Check here for instructions on how to setup a D-Link DCS-932L, as well as the older DCS-930L.



Trendnet TV-IP110W

Trendnet TV-IP110W on Sensr.netTrendnet’s TV-IP110W is down a little bit over the last few months, on sale for $60. While its retail is $125.99, it has been available on Amazon for $60-80 for a while now. Still, not a bad deal. We’ve got detailed instructions on how to setup the Trendnet TV-IP110W as well as how to put your camera on Sensr.net!



TRENDnet ProView Wireless Internet Surveillance Camera TV-IP501W

TRENDnet ProView Wireless Internet Surveillance Camera TV-IP501W on Sensr.netTrednet’s ProView TV-IP501W, normally priced at $189.99 is on sale for $67.41. The camera boasts a 4x digital zoom, built-in microphone, universal PnP installation, and an option for ethernet.

If you’ve got any questions about setting up your network cameras, or how to get them configured for Sensr.net, feel free to ask in the comments and we’ll get back to you!