Facebook not required

Our most frequent user request has been to drop the requirement of a Facebook account when adding cameras to  Yesterday we released a new version of the site that implements this change, and a whole lot more.  You can now create a login using just an email and password.

_Note: Facebook isn’t gone, you can still link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts under my settings.    This will make it easier to share images and clips on Facebook and Twitter._

Existing Users

If you’re already a user (thanks), we’ve created an account for you using the email address linked to your Facebook account.  You just need to select a password.    Here’s how you do that.

  1.  Click the “login/sign up” link on the home page

  2.  Follow the link next to “have an account, never seen this page before”

If you used Facebook to log into before, follow the highlighted link

  1.  Authenticate with Facebook (one last time)

Authenticate with Facebook

  1.  Choose a password to go with your email

Choose a password

  1.  Success!

Successful account update


If you have any problems, click the feedback button and let us know.