Axis M1011 Firmware Upgrade for HTTP Upload

Though a little used feature, support upload of images via HTTP. (Most of the cameras connected to the site use FTP.)  One of the few cameras that supports this upload option is the Axis M1011.

We had an Axis M1011 in the office that was presenting intermittent errors.  The system log in the camera reported the cryptic error:

Failed to read reply from server.

After poking around for a while, we checked the firmware revision and noticed that our camera had revision  of 5.00.1 dated December 2009. It turns out that there is a much newer revision of 5.20.1.  Installing this Firmware revision fixed the stability problem we were observing.

How to use HTTP Upload on the Axis M1011

Under the “Events” menu, define a new Event Server of type HTTP.  You will then be presented with a screen for defining the upload server.  HTTP Upload uses the same credentials as FTP Upload (SERVER/USERNAME/PASSWORD), but they are used in a slightly different way.

  • The Name can be anything meaningful to you.
  • The URL of the camera upload specifies the sensr upload server and the camera username:  http://SERVER/photo/USERNAME
  • The upload user name is the camera username: USERNAME
  • The upload password is the camera password: PASSWORD.

Now, define an event that will upload to this server.  I like to define an event to fire continuously at one-second intervals.  Use the Event Server name you created above to reference which server to connect to.  Notice how the event server called “NewHTTPServer” created above is reference here.


HTTP Upload is a simpler protocol than FTP and traverses firewalls better in some cases.  If you are using an Axis camera, you might like giving this option a try, but be sure to upgrade your firmware first.