Finding Surprises: Daily Camera Summaries

Daily Summary Example

Daily summary of driveway camera

If you have a surveillance camera on, you’re probably familiar with the daily view.  This shows each hour of the day, an image count for how many images we stored for that hour, and a thumbnail image that represents the hour.  It turns out we’re pretty good at picking the image to show for the hour.

I’m often surprised at when I look back at a day and notice something interesting that I want to delve into.  In the example above, there is a decent size buck wandering the driveway at 9am.  In this example we’ve saved a 62 image video clip from that hour.  Our heuristic picks the image of the deer sticking it’s head into view of the camera.

6 point buck

Deer sneaks into camera view.

We’re going to try to leverage this more and more.  But for now, you can check your camera’s daily view by going back a day at a time and taking a quick look.  It turns out that the human vision system is really great at scanning the 24 hourly images very quickly and finding the good stuff.

By the way, if you like watching deer, check out these public deer cameras on