D-Link DCS-932L Works Great on Sensr.net

The D-Link DCS-932L night vision camera is easily set up on Sensr.net, and has great daytime colors as well as night vision image quality.

Accurate Daytime Color

D-Link has a new night vision camera called the DCS-932L.  This camera is very similar to their DCS-930L except that it does night vision.

Most night vision cameras in this price range have really bad daytime colors.  The DCS-932L doesn’t have this problem.  The night vision works great and the daytime images are also vibrant and accurate.

The  DCS-932L works great with Sensr.net.  If you want free archiving, sharing, and alerts along with your camera.  Get over to Sensr.net and add your camera there.  The Sensr.net setup for the DCS-932L is identical to the DCS-930L which we’ve covered already in this blog post.

Both the DCS-930L and the DCS-932L come with access to mydlink.com.  This service has been getting better too.  It now supports mobile access and no longer requires Internet Explorer.  I was able to view my cameras via Chrome on MacOS.   Of course you’ll need Sensr.net if you want archives, alerts, and social sharing of your camera content.  Sensr.net also gives you unlimited live viewing.  The mydlink.com site limits the live views to 60 seconds at at time.

D-Link DCS 932L Night vision image via Sensr.net

Decent Night Vision