SkyIPCam500w Night Vision Camera on

SkyIPCam500w Night Vision Camera on

If you’re looking for a cheap night vision camera, the Airlink101 SkyIPCam500W is not a bad choice.  The image quality isn’t great but the night vision works, it’s wireless, and it lists for about $80 on Amazon these days. SkyIPCam500w motion detection finds a raccoon!The image of the raccoon was captured by the camera and stored on This blog entry will show you how to get your SkyIPCam500W connected to so you can keep an eye on those nocturnal happenings too.  (Note the instructions here are for the SkyIPCam500W but they are very similar to other Airlink101 Internet cameras.  If you have a different model SkyIPCam, read on.)

It’s pretty easy to setup the SkyIPCam500W (aka AICN500W)  to work with In fact, if you have the camera already connected to your WiFi network, you just have to modify two configuration settings.

There are three steps to getting this to work:

  1. Click Add Camera on to get an FTP login
  2. Put the FTP login information into your camera’s Event Server setting
  3. Add a Schedule Trigger on your camera’s Event Config page

Add a New Camera to your Account

Login to Sensr using your Facebook user name and password.  Select the “add a camera” link link at the top of the page next to your picture.

Click 'add a camera' to get started with

Click 'add a camera' to get started with

You should then see this page where you can read more about cameras or if you’re ready to add your camera to Sensr, then click the “add a camera” button.

Add a camera page on

Add a camera page.

Next you’ll see this page, which allows you to name your camera and set it’s timezone.  It also gives you the FTP credentials for your camera.

Camera credentials and image scanner on

Camera credentials and image scanner.


The above page will continue to scan for images on the Sensr server. Leave that window open and go to your camera configuration page in a new browser window.

Tell your camera about Sensr**.net


Now that we have your FTP credentials, we need to put them into your camera so it will send images to  Go to your camera’s admin page and click on Setup > Event Server > FTP and you should see a page like this:

SkyIPCam500w AICN500W FTP Event Server page

FTP Event Server page for AICN500W

Take the ftp server, username, and password and add them here.  Make sure Passive mode is enabled and click “Apply”.

Next click on Event Config > Schedule Trigger and you should see a page like this:

Schedule  Trigger page for AICN500W via

Schedule Trigger page for AICN500W

Check the enable box under FTP Schedule.  Then click the button next to 1 frame/sec and hit the “Apply” button. This tells your camera to FTP an image per second to the FTP server we setup in the previous step.

If you go back to the previous page, you should see an image from your camera. It should look something like this:

SkyIPCam500W Camera Add Success!


At this point you are done. You can close the browser window pointed at your camera and go back to Sensr. Click on the “Take Me To My Camera” button to see the Gallery view of images coming from your camera.

Now you can share your camera and its images with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Have fun!