Search and Friends: Finding cameras on

Even though some of the startup DNA comes from Truveo, a video search company, we didn’t implement search at Sensr until today.  As of this morning, there are two new ways to find camera on Sensr.  You can search or you can get a list of any cameras your Facebook friends have setup.

How to search and find friends on

Two new ways to find cameras on

Search 1.0

Our first version of search is simple but effective.  You can find cameras based on the camera name or the name of the user who owns the camera.  You’ll get different results depending on whether or not you’re logged into the site.  We filter the cameras based on accessibility.  On Sensr you have the ability to make a camera public, private, or shared with your Facebook friends.  This means if you’re my friend and search for ‘adam’ then you’ll see public cameras I’ve added as well as cameras that I’m only sharing with my friends.

My Friends’ Cameras

We’ve also added  a menu item that allows you to see a list of cameras owned by your friends.  Again, this will show you cameras that your friends have added and to which you have access.  (You won’t be able to see your friend’s private cameras.)    You’ll need to log into the site with your Facebook id before this will work.  After you do that, just hover over your name and a menu will drop down showing the my friends’ cameras option.  Just click on that and you’ll be browsing any shared cameras that your friends have added.

Get Your Own Camera

Need to add a camera to the site?  We support almost all IP cameras.  We’re adding more and more per model instructions to the blog all the time.  Here’s the current list, but it is by no means complete.  Want to know if your camera will work?  Drop us an email and we can let you know if it will work with Sensr.