How to Set Up Axis M1011 on

Axis 0302004 M1011 Camera on Sensr.netThe Axis M1011 and it’s wireless brethren the M1011-W are are very nice IP cameras.  If you are interested in viewing these cameras from outside your firewall, you can configure the camera to FTP images to and then view the cameras on the site.  Sensr will also do archiving, alerts, and give you mobile access for free.  If you have an Axis M1011 or M1011-W this article will describe how to set it up with

Add a New Camera to your Account

Login to Sensr using your Facebook username and password. Select the “My Cameras” page. Here you will see thumbnails of the latest images from your cameras. To add a new camera to your account, click on the big green button labeled “Add New Camera.”
Select the “Add New Camera” button on the “My Cameras” Page My Camera Page

Tell About your Camera

On the “Camera Info” page you should fill in the fields marked with arrows. Give your camera a name that you like. Select an appropriate timezone. When you are done, click the “Add Camera” button at the bottom. My Camera Page 2

“Add New Camera” Setup Page

The “Add Camera” step allocates a new Camera Server on to watch your IP1344. As part of creating a server, has created a new FTP account for your P1344 to upload its images to. The FTP credentials are displayed on the following page. The important bits of information are
  1. FTP server,
  2. FTP Username, and
  3. FTP Password.

These three items of information need to be entered into the camera. Create a Camera Settings

Tell your Camera about

Now we turn our attention to programming the Axis M1011 so that it sends its images to You should have already gotten your camera added to your network. Now, navigate to your M1011 Home Page. Expand the Events tab on the left and select Event Servers. This is where we’re going to add the server.
Axis M1011 Camera Settings for
Select Add FTP and you’ll see the Event Server Setup window.
This is where you enter all of the detailed parameters – including the FTP Credentials created for you by
  1. In the Name field, enter a descriptive name for this server.
    (In our example it is “sensr ftp”.)
  2. In the Network Address field, enter the “FTP Server” from
    (In our example it is “”.)
  3. In the User Name field, enter the “Username” from
    (In our example it is “cam660″.)
  4. In the Password field, enter the “Password” from
    (In our example it is “itbazlmx4t”.)
  5. Be sure to select the check box Use passive mode:

How to configure Axis M1011 Camera

There are a few other parameters we want to set in the camera. We want to tell the P1344 to upload a new image every second, for that, navigate to the “Event Types” tab, then select the “Add Triggered…” link. 

This will bring you to the Scheduled Event Type window where you tell the camera to send images every second. You can name the event, in this case “1 per second”. Set the Activation Time to “Always” so the camera will continually upload images. Under When Activated select Save Stream and set the frequency to 1 frame per second. Then select Upload as long as the event is active. The upload type should be FTP and choose Sensr as your primary FTP server.
Also be sure to select Add date/time suffix. This tells the camera to name the files with the current date and time. This is so the camera doesn’t overwrite the files as the Sensr server is processing them.
Setting up Axis M1011 Camera 

Don’t forget to save the changes by clicking the “OK” at the bottom of the page. At this point, you are done!You can close the browser window programming your Camera and go back to Sensr. Click on the “Take Me To My Camera” button to see the Gallery view of images coming from your camera. 

Now you can share your camera and its images with your friends on Facebook. Have fun!