Making YouTube Videos from Cameras

  • January 25, 2011
  • Adam Beguelin
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If you have a camera on, you can easily create a YouTube video to share with the world. Here’s a sample video showing a nice time lapse of the clouds over Toronto.

To create a video like this, simply go to your camera’s page on the site and click on the DVR tab. You’ll end up on a view like the one shown below. You can simply play all the images from the camera on this page to see what’s going to be in the video. If you don’t want to use the entire hour, you can click the TRIM button and trim tabs will appear. You can use those to select the subset of the video that you want to use in your YouTube video.

DVR View on

DVR View

Once you have trimmed the video segment to your liking, you can then click on the YOUTUBE button and upload the video to your YouTube account. You’ll have to authorize the site with your YouTube login. After that, we’ll generate a video and upload it to your account. It usually takes a few minutes for our servers (and YouTube’s) to generate the video and get it live. You’ll be able to find the final video under My Videos on the YouTube site.

DVR View on

This allows you to have a private cameras on the site, but selectively share portions of that camera with the world.

Give it a try!