Alfa R36 AWUS036NH Network Scan Not Working

  • December 3, 2016
  • Adam Beguelin

R36 Firmware Versions

Are you having problems with your Alfa R36 not being able to scan for networks? If the firmware version on your R36 needs to be at least or it won’t work with the AWUS036NH. See the screen shot above. At first I didn’t realize that I had a different version of the AWUS036NH, the version that has an H at the end: AWUS036NH not AWUS036N. They are different.

After the firmware upgrade everything works great.

Get the firmware here.

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FTP Setup on the Foscam Wireless Security Camera 1920TVL

  • November 27, 2016
  • Adam Beguelin

Foscam Wireless Security Camera 1920TVL Foscam Wireless Security Camera 1920TVL

The Foscam Wireless Security Camera 1920TVL is the latest slim model from Foscam, also called the R2 it seems. I just opened this one yesterday and Foscam seems to be upping their game. The box is much nicer than they used in the previous models. It’s a bit more like the Apple experience. Not bad for a $70 product!

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Hikvision FTP Server IP address leads to Zombie Apocalypse

  • November 21, 2016
  • Adam Beguelin

Never give up!

Ok, these Hikvision cameras are pretty nice and seem like great quality for the price. However, I have one major issue with them, they don’t let you use hostnames for the FTP server. You have to use an IP address.

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